chat with your privacy
and freedom intact

a not for profit, open source matrix client
with a focus on privacy and ease of use*

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* Syphon is still in Open Alpha and is not considered ready for everyday use


chat with matrix

Syphon connects you to others using a decentralized and encrypted network called Matrix

end to end encrypted

using the open-source Olm/Megolm encryption library provided by Matrix, your chats are privately sent and stored

customize it

pick colors, themes, and eventually different widgets throughout the app according to your preference

no analytics

no analytics or tracking are present in Syphon. Metadata normally sent using the Matrix network is minimized. Feel free to email [email protected] for more info.

future goals

peer to peer messaging

host the server to one or all of your devices without the need for a homeserver

transfer data

transfer your data from one homeserver to another, or locally with P2P

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